Borderline Song

I was born in ' 69
on the 17th of May.
I was born on the borderline
Felix Vincent Grey.
Many times I think about
things that can be done.
Looking to the world
through the gun.

Borderline,that is place of special kind
Borderline,that is part of my mind.

You can travel to distant lands.
You can travel in your mind.
All around are crossroads,friend.
All around is line.
Many soldiers passing by
looking rude and frown.
No one going back
to the town.

This is road to nowhere
just a letter on your map.
No one knows that stranger.
No one knows that cap.
You can better go to town,
back to traffic signs.
Nights are sometimes dark
on the borderline.

Hundred dreams were on my mind

I don't really care what people saying
You were always on my side.
I don't really care what people playing
There is nothing to loose or hide.

I am wandering
Along the way
Should I go or should I stay.

When nights are dark and nobody is around you
Magic words you have to find.
I was fool searching for some shelter.
Hundred dreams were on my mind.

No more questions about future
Who is wrong and who is right
No more lies and no excuses
I'm just driving through the night.

Hundred dreams are in my pockets
Hundred miles are on my way.
There is no place for that stranger
I can hear what people say.